Best Electronic Coyote Calls

What is a coyote call?

As the world is now advancing and constantly being updated with technology, similarly, in the field of hunting new gadgets are easily accessible to hunters just like am electronic coyote call, This is a very advanced electronic gadget which people use for hunting coyotes and other animals. This gadget produces many sounds which tackle and attract predators, therefore, this helps in making hunting a better learning experience overall. A coyote call produces many sounds like coyotes in distress, playful, hungry etc. and these sounds are used as per situation and as per the need of the hunter. This gadget does not only tackles coyotes but a load of other predators as well like wolfs and similar animals. One of the most famous sounds to attract coyotes is the distressed bunnies sound. So now you have a brief overview on what is an electronic coyote call, two types of electronic coyote calls are briefly discussed below.

  1. ICOtecGen2 GC300

One of the good quality that this electronic coyote call possess is that even though it features only 12 sounds which cuts down some diversity but the sounds it produces are exceptionally good like birds in distress, distressed bunnies while fighting coyotes etc. these sounds attract wide range of predators making your hunting experience worthwhile. The call is tuned to the remote which keeps you away to swindle around to get started. This is extremely easy to operate; the voice comes out just by pressing a button. This is also versatile in terms of settings, the 2nd button can create two voices in one go to attract multiple and different predators at one time. The voice production can reach up to 300 yards which is very impressive; furthermore, back lighting can be turned on and off as well depending on your hunting time (night and day time), turn on/off voices and the calls can even be paused and resumed. This ICOtec Gen2 GC300 can also be used in a tripod.

ICOtecGen2 GC300 Review:

Key features

  • Simple to use.
  • Impressive range.
  • Not very expensive.
  • 12 sounds.
  • Diverse settings.
  1. Primos Dogg Catcher

This is another simple electronic coyote call just like ICOtec Gen2 GC300 and is deigned to tackle bobcats, coyotes and foxes. Like ICOtec Gen2 GC300, similarly, this coyote call contains 12 sounds like coyote serenades and other animals in distress. It is operated by 12 buttons which are individually labeled by sound. This provides multiple option to the user in settings for e.g. you can control the volume (high and low), 2 sounds can be operated at once etc. the voice can reach up to 150 yards and set of adjustable legs are also provided. The color fantastically blends with the environments of forests and jungles. The antenna can be adjusted for storage purposes. The Dogg Catcher’s speaker is not very loud as it can only cover the distance of 150 yards effectively.

Key features

  • Includes adjustable legs for convenience.
  • Setup is not required.
  • Not expensive.
  • Availability of 12 sounds
  • Simple to use.

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