Best Gun Oil for Rust Prevention and Storage

Many people ask me about how I maintain the condition of my gun AR15 so perfectly and my answer to them is oiling, oiling and oiling periodically and after usage of gun. I got to know about oiling of guns when I was 16 as me and my father used to go to this nearby shooting range quarterly or at least once every 4 months. My father was a very busy man so he never took out the time to oil his gun until once when he was shooting; the bullet kept jamming in the gun’s chamber while he was trying to shoot which had never happened before so the trainer over there told us to oil the gun and he even showed us how to do it.

Furthermore, the trainer recommended us with many oils to get started like Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7, Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose, FireClean FC2 etc. and ever since that day I have punctually oiled my gun once every 2 weeks and have maintained my AR15 gun for over 8 years which works perfectly fine, looks polished which makes it visually pleasing and never had any jamming or other sort of problem. As I began to search for the best oil for my gun I came across few most common oils which were recommended online and as well as with merchants and I came up with top 2 in case you are confused on which oil to use for your gun and also visit this page for more information(

  • Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7

As I mentioned before that this oil was recommended to me by a professional trainer at a shooting complex and after extensive research I can see why.  This oil also has the ability to lube therefore it reduce friction and wear & tear which in turn promises a long lasting healthy gun and you won’t have to separately purchase a specific lube, therefore, you save time and money. This oil also has an attached drip which ensures efficient amount of oil is used so that you don’t waste or over use the oil, this further ensures that the oil is long lasting and won’t run out frequently. A physical characteristic of Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7 oil is that it is thin which means it can flow into the difficult parts of the gun and ensures that oil is reached to every part. This oil is also made from synthetic oils which is efficient when it comes to the prevention of rust and corrosion.

  • Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose

Along with a list of oils the trainer also recommended Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose oil. The use of this oil doesn’t only end on guns as this is applicable on different materials like leather, plastic and wood which is a rarity for gun oil. This oil is non-toxin to your health and the environment as it is made of biodegradable ingredients making this safe to use. This oil is also quick with dissolving the dirt and takes only few minutes.